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In the Shadow fo the Rocks

ISBN 978-1-887805-03-06

6” x 9” Soft Cover, 308 pages, B&W
Price: $17.95


Walking in Wildness

A Guide to the Weminuche Wilderness

B.J. Boucher

B.J. Boucher gives us a chance to listen and discover the wildness of the Weminuche Wilderness in this beautifully written book. It’s more than a guidebook. You can get lost in its pages, exploring the history of Southwest Colorado, including the Ute Indians,
miners, and ranchers that have occupied the area. Boucher takes you deep inside the Weminuche and gets you lost in the powerful wonder of raw, unmodified landscapes rich in wildlife and wildness. In the end, you realize, like those who have traveled before you, that it’s time to walk softly on the land, to practice no-trace camping, and to leave with an abiding respect for what is an American treasure.

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